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Date: 3rd September 2016
9.84 Inches Clear Bong Glass
Color:Clear and BlackDimenstions:Approx 9.84 Inches in Height / Glass Tube 51mm in diameter / Base 115mm in diameterJoint Size:21mm FemaleGlass Thickness:5mmWeight:Approx 0.99LB(450g)Materlal:Permium-Grade Borosillicate glassPercolator:Honeycomb Disc PercLooking for a reliable scientific bong??SmokDitrots?has you covered with this pipe. This 9.84" water pipe provides convenience with its bent neck,Website:, flared mouthpiece, and wide base. In terms of function, it has a honeycomb perc, a Dewar's joint, and a 90? angle joint which helps with keeping ash out of the chamber. And if you want a splash of color, the percs and Dewar's joint are available in the color of your choice.